Please take a moment to download and view the power point presentation that your child or children were shown the first week of P.E. classes. It is very helpful and informative.
Thank you

All students will receive a Satisfactory (S) grade at progress report time, which will be adjusted accordingly for each student at the end of the nine weeks due to overall excellent (E), satisfactory (S), needs improvement (N), and unsatisfactory (U) conduct. This also includes participation skill and health grades.

Parents will be notified if their child is having continued disciplinary issues in PE class. A note home or phone call will be provided when the students’ poor behavior is documented in our disciplinary book 3 or more times or if a major infraction occurs.

Our grading guidelines are as followed:

Grading Guidelines

P.E. grades are given every nine weeks and will be based on the following criteria.


* On task without requiring any redirection
* Is not disruptive to the classroom
* Has no inappropriate actions
* Uses appropriate social skills
* Participates in all activities
* Does not sign the disciple book, or only signs it once


* Requires some redirection for off-task behavior
* Is able to correct any inappropriate behavior with a warning
* Is able to correct any inappropriate social skills with a warning
* Participates most of the time
* Signs the discipline book 2(two) or 3(three) times in a nine week period

Needs Improvement

* Requires redirection for off-task behavior often
* Often disrupts class or displays inappropriate behavior
* Does not correct inappropriate behavior or social skills
* Signs the book at least 4(four) times in a nine week period
* Will receive a note home


* Rarely on task
* Often disrupts class and disrupts the learning of other students
* Does not correct inappropriate behavior or social skill
* Disregard for safety of self and others
* Has signed the book 5(five) or more times in a nine week period
* Has received a parent conference
* Has received an office referral

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