Klein ISD Elementary Art Grading Guidelines
Following are District Guidelines for Art
The goal in art is to expose students to a variety of artists, art media and art processes. There is no “right” way art should look. However, each project has required elements that the teacher sets and explains to students. If students participate in making art and learning about art while displaying a positive attitude and meeting required elements of an assignment, their involvement in art is considered a success. Art grades are given every nine weeks and are based on the criteria below as well as the following behavioral and project guidelines:


Artwork Grade
o Project is WOW! - you "out-did" the teacher on this one 
o Went beyond what was asked and exceeded expectations 
o Demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship and design qualities 
o Participates in all activities under own initiative 
o Creates original artwork 

o On-task without requiring any redirection 
o Is not disruptive to the classroom 
o Has no inappropriate actions o Uses appropriate social skills 
o Takes initiative to help others and the teacher


Artwork Grade: 
o Project is "good" - did all the teacher asked for, but nothing "over the top" 
o Followed directions 
o Demonstrates good craftsmanship and design qualities in artwork 
o Participates most of the time 

o Requires some redirection for off-task behavior 
o Is able to correct any inappropriate behavior with a warning 
o Is able to correct any inappropriate social skills with a warning
Needs Improvement


Artwork Grade: 
o Artwork not "up to snuff" 
o Met minimum requirements; did just enough to get by 
o Poor craftsmanship and design qualities; might have thrown it together 
o Could have tried harder or put forth more effort 

o Requires redirection for off-task behavior often 
o Sometimes disrupts class and/or the learning of other students 
o Sometimes corrects inappropriate behavior or social skills 
o Sometimes disregards safety of self and others o Is given multiple behavior redirections or has had a parent conference


Artwork Grade: 
o Artwork is unfinished or missing No project = No grade 
o Did not follow directions on assignment 
o Did not try or put forth an effort 
o Very poor craftsmanship or design qualities 

o Rarely on task 
o Often disrupts class and/or disrupts the learning of other students 
o Does not correct inappropriate behavior or social skills 
o Disregard for safety of self and others