Welcome to Mittelstadt Art!


My name is Ruth Ackermann and I teach art to all students at Mittelstadt Elementary in Kindergarten through Fifth grades. This is the sixth year I have taught at Mittelstadt and it’s a BIG year for me! This year will be first year at Mittelstadt that I have students that I have taught since they were in Kindergarten! I love being able to see my students grow, learn, and develop into such wonderful people. A BIG change for this year is that the art room has moved. Art is now located in the former science lab. I will miss being in my old room, but certainly welcome the extra space that we will have.

The first weeks of school are exciting. In the art room, we work on establishing procedures and routines to help ensure that it is a fun and productive place. We begin our first projects quickly, so please check with your student and ask them what they are doing in art. Parental involvement is key in helping children achieve and art is no exception!

We will be exploring the art elements of line, shape, color, space, texture, value and form while using different art materials and art making processes. Students will create art by painting, drawing, collaging, building, and printmaking. Frequently, projects are tied to literature and students also learn about famous artists, art movements and different world cultures. The art room is a wonderful place to allow children to problem solve creatively and expand skills needed to work collaboratively with their peers.

All grades go to art the same day every week, so please ask your student what day they have art. As much as we try to keep neat and tidy, art can be messy, so it may be best to have your student dress in older clothes on their art day. That way, your child can relax and participate fully without worrying about spoiling a good outfit.

I am looking forward to getting to work with each and every one of my students and having a great year in art.