Mittelstadt Art


Welcome to Mittelstadt Art!

I miss seeing your smiling faces in the art room and I hope that you and your families are all doing well!

I want to give you some optional art activities that you can do at home. Again, these are optional, but I know that many of you miss being creative and you are ready to make something. I also understand that most of you do not have all the art materials that we use at school. That is okay! Please use whatever you have, even if it is just a pencil or crayon. For some of these activities, you don't need any art supplies at all. Just do your best, have fun and be creative! 

Found Object Color Wheel 

Here is the color wheel. 
Understanding the basic color wheel is one of the most valuable ...
Your challenge is to look for objects around your house and arrange them into a color wheel.

Here are some examples.